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Marcel Van Looveren was a well known and renowned rough expert and polishing genius for decades. He learned how to polish diamonds and developed his craftsmanship in no time. Early seventies he established his own company in the Antwerp Diamond District.

Since the founder’s daughter Eva Van Looveren joined the company’s management in 2001, their Antwerp based family companies Foresee’s and 3D Diamonds continuously grew, and are now known for their expertise and quality, with a solid reputation in the industry for successfully combining pure craftsmanship with scan technology. In a very precise 3D model of the rough diamond, impurities are located and measured, and the best polished diamonds are calculated.

Antwerp Twins

``Precious is the wisdom acquired trough experience.``


``Tradition and trust, knowledge and expertise are the basis of the next generation``

Eva Van Looveren (Managing Director Foresee’s and 3D Diamonds, Member of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, Member of the Board of Directors of Syndicate of the Belgian Diamond Industry)
Manufactoring and Wholesales

We are one of the few diamond businesses to have our own Antwerp-based polishing factory, well known in the industry for being highly efficient as well as innovative. We purchase and cut rough diamonds into excellently polished diamonds, based on technology, experience and know-how.

We have a complete portfolio of polished diamonds in any colour, weight and shape, all accompanied with certificates of Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD Antwerp).

Our international network of clients receives on a regular basis a comprehensive new selection of certified diamonds at competitive wholesale prices.


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