3D Diamonds & ANTWERP TWINS®
Official Diamond Partner World Expo Shanghai

From May 1 to October 31 2010, the next World Expo will take place in Shanghai.

3D Diamonds will show 5 exclusive special stones, cut by the technique of “ANTWERP TWINS® “; ranging from round to pear and cushion, from white to fancy colour. No doubt that the rare pink diamond of 8,88 ct and the vivid yellow 7,40 ct will attract the attention of the worldwide public!

As an Antwerp diamond company, 3D Diamonds is one of the 5 official sponsors to this event for selling round brilliant polished diamonds. All these diamonds, sealed and accompanied with the logo of the Expo, will have a certificate of the renowned laboratory HRD Antwerp.

Within the group of 3D Diamonds, technology is very important. About six years ago, daughter company Chromascope BVBA developed a brand new Colour Machine for Rough Diamonds. This machine is almost seen as the standard for colour measurement for rough diamonds and will also be exhibited at the Expo Shanghai 2010.