The Antwerp Twins® Diamonds are certified by GIA and HRD and are produced in sizes ranging from 1ct to +25ct. Mostly Antwerp Twins Diamonds are between IF to VS2 in D – J colors, but we also stock rare and exquisite stones such as the ones below, which you will have the privilege to see in the Diamond Shop at the Belgium Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo.

安特卫普双爱钻石®经美国宝石学院(GIA)和安特卫普钻石高阶层议会(HRD)所鉴定,钻石重量从1克拉到25克拉不等。大多数安特卫普双爱钻石 ®的净度均介于IF/LC 到VS2之间,色级从极白(D)到淡白(J)。此外,您亦可在上海世博会比利时馆的钻石店里有机会观赏到我们如下稀有的珍贵宝石。

1.       The Unique ‘Flower of the Orient’, a Fancy Intense Purplish Pink, Pear Shaped Diamond; weight 8,88ct and VS2 clarity;

独一无二的“东方之花”,一颗精美绝伦的浓紫粉红梨形钻石,重8,88 克拉,净度VS2;

2.       A stone with a colour like ‘Dragons Fire’, a Fancy Vivid Yellow,  Cushion Shaped Diamond; 7,40ct and VVS2 clarity;


3.       The Perfect ‘Lotus Flower’ a D color, Pear shaped diamond;  5,94ct and Internal Flawless.


4.       The ‘Carnation  Flower’, a G colour diamond, Cushion, 5,27ct, VS1

康乃馨花 , G级枕形钻石,重5,27克拉,净度VS1

5.       The ‘Chinese Lily’, a G colour diamond, Round, 4,06ct, VS1

中国百合, G级圆形钻石,重4,05克拉,净度VS1

We are truly committed to satisfy ours customer’s needs as well as build and maintain a lifelong business relationship in China. We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss how our diamonds and services could best suit you in the upcoming Antwerp Diamond Day at the Belgium Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo 2010.

我们竭力满足顾客们的需求,并致力于在中国建立和发展长期的业务关系。我们渴望有机会与大家见面,期望了解在上海世博会比利时馆即将举办的安特卫普 钻石日期间,我们的钻石与服务如何能更好、更有效地满足诸位之所需。

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